Project Highlight
Project Highlight

CEM Macau Digital Rebranding (Website, Mobile App & Kiosk)

Brightens up the website for the company that lights up Macau skyline


Owning the sole concession of electricity supply in the entire Macau, CEM does not only supply to the Territory of Macau an essential service to its economic and social development, but also to the well-being of its population - the electricity supply.


Starting with the key visual of the Macau skyline, the revamp of the CEM website enhanced both visual and usage. Backed by an experienced programming company, we designed also the mobile app, kiosk and electric vehicle charging station screen interface of CEM. Aligning with the corporate color - yellow and red – with all 3 platforms, a strong brand identity is brought out, connecting the time-honored company and the youth generation.


To cater the multiple levels and pages of this structural website we worked closely with our client, to optimize the look and feel, and at the same time CMS-friendly in the long run. Several rounds of focus group were carried out during the design stage and the early HTML stage of the website development, to collect opinion from their junior employees. Together with the online service system, the website was not only designed to making it easier for management for our client, but also customer-centric, user-friendly for the fellow Macau citizens. 

2017 WebAward: Outstanding Website
2017 Horizon Interactive Awards: Silver Award
2018 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction
2019 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction
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