Project Highlight
Project Highlight

SFC WINGS System UIUX Design

UIUX Design for SFC’s Web-based Integrated Service


The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) regulates the securities and futures markets in Hong Kong. Its responsibilities are to ensure that the markets operate fairly and efficiently, promote orderly development of the industry while protecting the interests of investors.


The new online portal, WINGS is a common platform for making electronic submissions to the SFC, with which most regulatory filings, applications and disclosure notifications can be sent to the SFC. All functions and submission services available on the existing SFC Online Portal and other SFC systems will be migrated to WINGS in phases.


Once a user successfully logs in, the user will be led to WINGS Mail that provides a view of messages with functions to sort and filter by type and status. The user can also use the system to track submission progress at a glance from the “Track Submission” status. While not logged in, users can still find downloadable and online (if available) forms to be submitted to the SFC. Due to the nature of the Commission, security and access control is an important part of the system, and we have reflected it by visual clues and designs that caters to the need while nonetheless making sure of a smooth user experience.

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