Project Highlight
Couture Homes: kau to HIGHLAND
Property Website Design

kau to HIGHLAND is a luxury housing estate developed by Couture Homes. The world-class development sits at the hilltop area of Kau To, with an exceptional scenic view of Kau To Shan and the Shatin Racecourse. Internationally renowned designers were involved in the making of the villas to help elaborate on the unique luxurious lifestyle that the estate brings. Each villa also comes with a unique street number that emanates a sense of status.

We designed and developed the property website to include all legally required information, as well as feature the remarkable team of elite designers behind the world-class estate. The front-end was coded using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, whilst the back-end has a content management system (CMS) that is specifically designed to fulfil the legal requirements of a property website.

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