Project Highlight
P&T Group Website Design & Development
Life-Transforming Design Excellence

The P&T Group is an award-winning global design firm, providing clients with innovative, commercially successful and sustainable design solutions since its inception in 1868. Consistently ranked in the top largest consultancies in the world, the Group’s 1600-plus architects, engineers, urban designers and interior designers operate in over 70 cities, on an excess of 10 million square metres of combined floor area annually.


We are honoured to have overtaken the task to design a corporate website for a firm that changes life for the better with design. We have dedicated much screen real-estate to showcase their latest architectural projects. We have carefully worked out a gallery that serves as a display of all of their architectural works, equipped with an elaborate search/sort functionality, which allows visitors and prospective clients to look for specific works according to expertise, categories and location.

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Excellence
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