Project Highlight
Chinachem: Residence 228
Logo, Marketing Materials & Website Design
Complete design package for the estate that has everything

Chinachem Group sought our help to develop the brand identity, website and all other marketing materials for their luxury residential estate in Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po.

When deciding upon a name for the estate, we took the cultural background of people in Hong Kong into account. Chinese people have long placed a lot of beliefs into Feng Shui and superstition. In a lot of cases, numbers have special meanings based on their phonetic sounds and this has been ingrained into Hong Kong's culture, for example some buildings exclude the 4th floor in numbering because it resembles 'death' in Chinese. Fortunately for our client, their estate is addressed as 228 Fuk Wing Street. In Chinese, '228' means 'easy to prosper' and this was substantially worth including in the name because of the high importance people give to numbers and superstition, so we chose Residence 228 寓•弍捌 as the name.

As for the rest of the brand image, Fuk Wing Street has a deep embedded history as the local hub of fashion and hues. We wanted to maintain this aspect in the brand identity and to make it clear that we didn't want to replace nor eliminate the street's rich heritage and culture, rather we wanted to build something that adds to its history and show respect for the local residents. So we chose to combine fashion and architecture into the theme line 'weave the modern living' to illustrate artistic elegance. From there, we developed their website with a touch of chic and produced stylish brochures along with all other marketing materials.

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