Project Highlight
Cornes Properties
Corporate Website

Cornes Properties, a subsidiary of the Cornes Group, specialises in investing, developing and renovating a range of premium properties in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With a highly experienced team, sturdy financials, and a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Cornes Properties has built an impressive portfolio of properties and tenants.

We helped them to design and develop a professional corporate website so that they can achieve an online presence. In the development of the art direction and the information architecture (IA), we made their properties an important theme throughout the design and we took into consideration how different types of users search for information.

The website utilises a responsive web design (RWD) so that it is easily accessible for all users, and extends the reach to website visitors in China who tend to use a broad range of devices with varying screen sizes. The front-end was coded using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, whilst a comprehensive tailor-made content management system (CMS) was developed for the back-end to allow Cornes Properties higher flexibility in updating the website.

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