Project Highlight
Cheung Kong Property Holdings
Group Website
An intuitive navigation flow for Cheung Kong Property Holdings

Cheung Kong Property Holdings is one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong; about one in seven private residences in Hong Kong were developed by the Group. With its long history of property development expertise, they have accumulated a diverse range of capabilities and have achieved a leading market share in Hong Kong, a strong penetration in the Mainland China, and an international presence through its operations in Singapore, the United Kingdom and The Bahamas.

Our services for the property group includes website design and development. For this particular client, there is a much greater emphasis on the back-end development of the website. Due to the enormous size of the group and the vast number of people involved, a lot of detail has gone into producing sophisticated and technical programming. We also considered the information architecture (IA) in detail for how different groups of users would search for information, and made sure that the navigation flow was intuitive in use.

Their content management system (CMS) was tailor-made and a page pre-generation function for data handling was included in order to enhance server loading and to improve the website's performance. Multiple user level authentication and approval logic was implemented to safeguard the website from unauthorised user access. The scale of the back-end development was comprehensive, though the resulting website ran smoothly and efficiently.

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