Project Highlight
CIC Website Revamp & Enhancement
Building Better Cities: Website Revamp for the Construction Industry Council

The main functions of CIC are to forge consensus on long-term strategic issues, convey the industry’s needs and aspirations to Government, as well as provide a communication channel for Government to solicit advice on all construction-related matters. In order to propagate improvements across the entire industry, CIC is empowered to formulate codes of conduct, administer registration and rating schemes, steer forward research and manpower development, facilitate adoption of construction standards, promote good practices and compile performance indicators.


We are privileged to be given the opportunity to revamp the CIC Corporate Website, which was also designed by us. Along the same line with the original website design, the revamped website is also responsive and adherent to accesibility guidelines. The enhanced design allows a more information-rich layout and enables more industry news and announcement to be displayed on the website. 


Throughout the entire website, we endeavour to make use of the elements of humans whenever possible. For example, when clicking into Registration Services, visitors will see smiling CIC staff members handling registration at the counter; while looking for information for Construction Safety, visitors will see images of properly geared construction workers at work. We would like to convey the message that people are the key element of the construction industry, where everyone devotes their time and effort in building the city that we live and flourish in.


We have also completed the user flow after the revamp. Users are now able to sign up for events through the enrolment system and a connected payment gateway. Content maintenance have now been made even easier as dynamic forms have now been built to be fully customizable by our client. The addition of industry news/annouoncements and a job portal have helped consolidated the latest information of, not only CIC, but the entire construction industry of Hong Kong. The site is now a full-fleged go-to portal for members of the construction industry and the general public interested in Hong Kong's buildings & infrastructure. 



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