Project Highlight
Brand Identity, Website & Brochure

Coogan is a producer of high-end tailor-made prestigious wine cellars. Whether for businesses or individual wine enthusiasts with a private collection, there is a unique wine cellar to preserve and present the selection of fine wine. With a specialised niche of esteemed customers, we helped Coogan develop a relevant brand identity and logo, then we designed and produced some of their marketing materials, such as their brochure, to support their marketing efforts.

Beyond their brand identity and marketing materials, we helped them gain exposure online by providing comprehensive services to build their brand website. We designed and developed their website to look elegant and suave, and smooth transition effects were added to reflect on the stylish yet functional wine storage solutions. Further to the design, we conducted the photo-shooting and provided the copywriting, which brought highly rich visual and textual content to the website.

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