Project Highlight
FWD MAX Website Design & Mobile App Development
Live Life to the MAX: Inspirational Moments Worth Living For

FWD MAX is an online-to-offline engagement platform which encourages members (known as the ‘Maximizers’), to participate in the platform’s diverse activities and earn MAX points to redeem offers to life-enriching experiences. In Hong Kong, FWD offers life and medical insurance, general insurance, employee benefits, pension, and financial planning.


As part of FWD’s effort to create fresh customer experiences supported by leading digital technologies, we built the FWD MAX website to engage visitors with features like user ratings and user-generated content. The website enables visitors to rate the site’s content and share their life-enriching moments through an Instagram-like photo stream. Visitors may also easily look for rewards they could redeem with their MAX points by using an easy-to-use slider. We tried not to only build a website or an engagement platform, but a complete experience of celebrating living and pursuing one’s passions.

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