Project Highlight
Hong Kong Finance Website Design and Development
Loans & Mortgages - A Refreshing Experience

Hong Kong Finance Company Limited is a member of the Hong Kong Finance Group Limited, the mortgage business of which could be traced back to 1996. In 2013, the Group became Hong Kong’s first listed finance company that was principally engaged in mortgages. Hong Kong Finance provides a wide variety of professional, reliable and flexible loan services, and aims to help their clients to handle financial needs with ease and enjoy easy access to capital.


The website we have built is nothing less than a financial service website, and what makes it stands out is its user experience - we have attentively thought about every step, the thoughtfulness of which has been reflected by the smallest detail like the mortgage form that follows the user automatically by detecting mouse clicks.

The website is also abundant in enticing moments that runs through the entire user journey - from the subtle ‘pop’ of a mouse-click on the drop-down menu, to the attention-drawing animated hero banners - all of which makes loans & mortgage a beautifully vibrant, refreshing experience.

2020 WebAward: Outstanding Website
2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Excellence
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