Project Highlight
HKHS Mount Verdant & Terrace Concerto Marketing & Advertising Services
Experience the joyfulness of a rural nature and urban city connection

Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) was appointed by the government to build small and medium-sized flats for sale at discounted prices to middle-income families and individuals. The latest Subsidized Sales Flat projects, Mount Verdant and Terrace Concerto, are expected to be completed in 2019/20.


The tagline of these 2 property projects are ‘Your Home, Your Dreams’ and ‘A Joyful Tune, A Joyous Home’, which present the hope of a cozy and wonderful home in town. As a crucial subsidized sales flat project, a full set of sophisticated creative package for this real estate development is essential to build its brand identity. We therefore help developing the logo, marketing print materials (leaflet, sales brochure, print advertisement), show flats decoration and branding design, construction site hoarding design and its property official website to create a cohesive tone and manner as a whole.


The total design direction was inspired to show the charisma that resembles the Chinese traditional idiom of ‘intoxication of a beautiful spring day’. The colour tone and graphic illustrated the future living environment and atmosphere of the 2 real estates. This complete touch of tone and manner were being continued in all marketing print materials (leaflet, sales brochure, print advertisement), show flats branding and decoration design, construction site hoarding design and other marketing materials development.


Apart from different tangible marketing materials, we have also designed and developed the official website of Mount Verdant and Terrace Concerto with a customized content management system (CMS) to best fit and enhance content maintenance level. In order to keep the consistency, we applied the same proposed art direction in the site with its significant brand identity and information-search-friendly interface.

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