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Responsible Gambling Website

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (The HKJC), founded in 1884, is one of Hong Kong's oldest institutions. They are a non-profit organisation that provides horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment in Hong Kong. The HKJC has developed a solid reputation over the years for its unique role in society and contributions to the community. The Club is one of Hong Kong's largest employers and is the largest single taxpayer. They are also the second largest provider of charity funding, next to the Hong Kong Government.

As part of their Responsible Gambling Policy, the Club is committed to promoting responsible gambling practices and to maximise the social and economic benefits of gambling for the community, while helping to minimise the negative effects of problem gambling for individuals and the community. We helped the Club make a complete revamp of their responsible gambling website with an improved design and additional gambling help tools to help users calculate and moderate their gambling. The website uses a responsive web design (RWD) which makes it more accessible across various mobile devices. The front-end was coded using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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