Project Highlight
Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation
Website Design & Development
Full responsive web design & web accessibility standards for a wholly-owned Government corporation.

The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited, established in 1997, is wholly-owned by the HKSAR Government through the Exchange Fund. Their core mission is the promotion of three main areas: the stability of the banking sector, wider home ownership, and development of the local debt market. Since the previous website was developed quite some time ago, they had sought our help to design and develop their website revamp.

The development of the website revamp included a much-needed redesign to modernise the website and to relate to its visitors. The previous design was reviewed and a new art direction was set to revitalise the corporate image. The new approach is now more visual and spacious compared to the dense grouping of content from before.

Beyond the consideration of the design, we also thoroughly contemplated the information architecture (IA) and the overall user experience (UX). The website is large in scale, with over hundreds of pages and a lot of content. So in order to improve on the navigation and flow of information, we devised the use of three user groups to help users filter the type of content relevant to them. The structure of the layout has also been considered to ensure that there is flexibility for different types of content and so that the layout is adaptable to the responsive web design (RWD) for tablet and mobile viewing.

As a wholly-owned Government corporation, there are additional web accessibility requirements that need to be met. We coordinated with the Hong Kong Blind Union to conduct human testing for the website development. The revamped website adheres to the WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards and has achieved a Gold Award for 2015 OGCIO's Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme.

Behind the scenes, we developed a comprehensive tailor-made content management system (CMS) based on our well-developed solution, which gives the client the exact high level of control and flexibility they're looking for. Sustainability of the website has been an important factor in the direction of our development; our CMS allows editors to make flexible content and admins to generate sections or make changes to the sitemap. Since the website is large in scale, with a high number of departmental editors, our CMS includes functionality for multi-user roles, content approval stages, full-site preview and web accessibility review prior to the release of content.

2016 WebAward: Standard of Excellence
2016 OGCIO Web Accessibility: Gold Award
2016 W3 Awards: Silver Award
2016 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction
2015 OGCIO Web Accessibility: Gold Award
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