Project Highlight
HKRI DB Ice Rink Website Design & Development
Discover magical moments on ice

DB Ice Rink provides a relaxing, fun and inclusive environment for guests to explore ice sports. A short distance from DB Plaza and DB Pier, DB Ice Rink makes skating activities easily accessible and affordable for all while also being a venue of choice for professional performances, international competitions and specialised training. HKRI has diversified interests and ongoing projects in real estate development and investment, property management, luxury hotels and serviced apartments, healthcare services and other investments in major Asian’s City with Discovery Bay being HKRI’s landmark development in Hong Kong and the Group’s first project in the real estate industry.


Along the same line with the Visit Discovery Bay website, we have made use of a shade of blue that symbolises ice which goes along with the wavy pattern. We have made transportation and bookings easily accessible, and featured information on the latest events & offers along with the photos of the friendly skating coaches. We would like to feature DB Ice Rink in its different facets - great for serious learners going to a skating school, occasional skaters who skate for leisure, and parents & children spending quality time together for some family fun.

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