Project Highlight
Konew Financial Express Website Revamp
A new narrative approach and sense of connection in web development

Konew Financial Express is one of the group members of Konew International Group. It serves the urgent financial needs of property owners with ‘3Cs’- ‘Courtesy, Change and Capability’ in the well-established property loan market in Hong Kong.


With large volume of information, we considered much on the information architecture (IA) of the existing website to restructure and balance the structure and content allocation. To simplify the standard loan application, we have designed easy-to-read application procedure graphics and icons to signify the steps and ease applicants’ concern and understanding. Moreover, different eye-catching call-for-action button, application tracker and application alert pop up increased the usability of an online loan application website. 


This website revamp project has its purpose of re-branding and status positioning; therefore, a comprehensive design should be able to apply in various devices to enhance the user-experience (UX) and accessibility. Besides, the SEO approaches are now well identified and planned so as to boost the searchability and reach-out level in the wide loan market of Hong Kong.

2018 WebAward: Standard of Excellence
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