Project Highlight
Mane 'n Tail
Product Website

Mane 'n Tail develop products for hair care solutions. With a humble beginning on a family horse farm in rural New Jersey, they have now become so popular that their products are sold across the globe. One of their brand's most unique traits is that originally the product was created for show horses with long flowing manes and tails.

For Hong Kong, the localised website we designed and developed uses its own art direction and style, which sets it apart from the global website. The Hong Kong website is rather product-oriented. So a key emphasis is to educate people of the products' main benefits and to provide tips for hair care.

As part of a consistent theme throughout the website, we created customised illustrations that accentuate points in a visual way. We also integrated the shopping cart to make it easier for users to make purchases. For the front-end coding, we used HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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