Project Highlight
Vanke The Campton Property Branding & Marketing
Here Comes the Future

Situated in the West Kowloon neighbourhood, “The Campton” is blessed with staggered balconies and gold-embedded vertical lines inspired by Matrix and QR Code for a futuristic look. A simply unique blend of elegance and creativity stands right at the modern city hub. The design concept of the facade and balcony is inspired from Matrix strips and ‘QR Code’. Channeling a futuristic mood, the property plans to use various kinds of technology for its residents.


We are honoured to again have the opportunity to collaborate with another agency to develop a full set of sophisticated creative package for this property. We therefore developed the logo, branding guide, marketing materials and its brand official website to create a cohesive and consistent brand identity.


We used the imagery of a well-lit tunnel to represent The Campton, which symbolises time travel, and how the property implements the latest technology to take residents to the bright future. We have also created a sound wave graphic with rainbow colours to create a futuristic look. The sound wave, on one hand, symbolises geographical connectivity - conveniently situated in West Kowloon, The Campton enjoys easy access to transportation to the city’s different districts. On the other hand, the soundwave graphic is a symbol of connectivity in the technological sense, drawing references to the property’s positioning as being “Driven by Technology.” While building its brand identity, we used a goldish-yellow colour scheme to create an upscale ambience without going exceedingly extravagant.


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