Project Highlight
Vanke The Luna Branding, Marketing & Advertising Services
Relieve local legendary history in avant-garde architecture.

The Luna is a service apartment which illuminating the area with its unique and sleek architectural design in Wan Chai. The district was a significant neighbourhood of Hong Kong’s idiosyncratic culture with its letterpress printing industry, The Luna has now transformed the skyline to an authentic urban living neighbourhood for locals, travelers and business expats.


As a synthesis of local legendary history and avant-grade architecture, a full set of sophisticated creative package for this premium accommodation is essential to build its brand identity. We therefore help developing the logo, branding guide, marketing materials and its brand official website to create a cohesive tone and manner.


The logo design was inspired by the irregular square shaped balconies of apartment which resembling traditional metal printing blocks in letterpress printing. The fading dots elaborated the intriguing patterns of light and shadow of the apartment. We have also developed the Corporate Identity (CI) guide, other branding campaign, including graphic designs, print ads, outdoor banners, corporate stationery and other marketing materials.


Apart from different tangible marketing materials, we have also designed and developed the Luna official website with trademark and domain registration. In order to keep the consistency, we applied the same proposed art direction and conducted photo shooting for visual use in website. The official website was designed with its significant brand identity, modern and user-friendly user interface. With such clear focus, we proposed to apply a mobile-driven navigation approach to keep the website clean and spotlight the showcase of the modernity of their apartments. The website also included on-page search engine optimization (SEO) and a customized content management system (CMS) to best fit and enhance content maintenance level.

2018 Horizon Interactive Awards: Gold Award
2018 W3 Awards: Silver Award
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